• Improving Egg Quality

    Healthy eggs are vital for a healthy conception. The viability of your eggs is one of the major factors determining whether fertilisation and implantation occur and whether the pregnancy will be viable and sustainable.

    Ok, so we know poor egg quality greatly impacts our ability to conceive. But what exactly is ‘poor egg quality’?

    In actual fact there is no scientific measure of egg quality and what constitutes good or poor. ‘Egg quality’ is simply a subjective measure and opinion.

    It is true that the quality of our eggs reduce as we age and that this impacts our ability to conceive. Unfortunately this fact we cannot change. We can’t turn back the clock, however there are things we can do to nurture our eggs through the maturation process to give them the best chance possible. We may not have control over our biological clock but we do have control over the environment and nutrient status in which our eggs develop.

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  • Uterine Health

    The uterus is quite simply an amazing organ. It is your future baby’s home for 9 months, during which time it goes from being a tiny fertilised egg, to a fully developed baby.

    We can spend, days, weeks even months painting and decorating a baby nursery for an impending new arrival, however the most important ‘nursery’ your baby will ever have, is the one inside you. Your uterus.  Yet it often receives little, if any preparation.

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  • Ovulation Issues

    Kick starting ovulation
    Issues around ovulation, either irregular or anovulation, account for around 30 – 40% of infertility cases. The presentation can vary greatly. Some women may experience regular menstruation yet not be ovulating, for some women their cycles may vary in length each month making it hard to predict when ovulation is occurring. For most women, a good predictor of ovulatory dysfunction is when cycles are less than 21 days or longer than 36 days or in some cases women may have no menstrual bleeding at all.

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  • Diet and Lifestyle

    Diet and lifestyle factors are particularly important when you’re wanting to start a family.  We would pour poor quality fuel into our car and expect it to run on all cylinders, get we often fuel our body with poor quality food and wonder why it’s not functioning in optimum condition.  Most of us also regularly service and maintain our cars yet, if they do break down, we have the option to trade them in for an updated model.  Unfortunately don’t have that option when it comes to our bodies.  This is the only one we are ever going to have, so if we want it to function effectively, we need to look after it!

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  • Key Nutrients

    Without adequate supply of certain essential nutrients, your body cannot sustain a pregnancy. Vital micronutrients are crucial to supporting the healthy growth and development of a new life. Deficiency of essential micronutrients, are associated with significant reproductive risks ranging from infertility to impaired fetal development and long term disease predisposition in the infant.

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