Surviving Fathers Day

Fathers Day – Your 4 Step Coping Guide

Fathers Day is celebration of Fatherhood, honoured all over the world.  A day set aside to pay tribute to our Father’s and Grandfather’s.

What should be such a joyful day, can be a source of pain if you are struggling with infertility.

We often consider the emotional difficulty women face, when struggling to conceive and carry a healthy baby.  But males are often overlooked.  The truth is that there are many men who are just as keen to have children as women and the difficulties and struggles can be just as upsetting.

For these men, Fathers Day can be an emotional time.  For week’s leading up, we are flooding with images of happy fathers and children all over TV, billboards and magazines a difficult reminder of what lie’s out of reach.


Be grateful for each other

Spend time with your partner.  Be thankful for the love and support you share and the wonderful bond that keeps you together, despite life’s challenges.


Look at how far you’ve come

You may not have reached your goal yet, but reflect on the journey.  The difficulties you have already overcome, the challenges you have faced together and the emotional strength it’s taken to get where you are today.  We can easily focus on the ‘failings’ we see, use this time to focus on and celebrate all the positive things you have in your life and how far you’ve come.


Reward yourself

Whether in the form of a gift, an indulgence or simply spending time doing what you enjoy.  Reward yourself today.


Seek Support

Infertility can be isolating.  It’s important to remember you’re not alone.  Make sure you reach out for support when you need.  Whether this be your partner, friends and family or a fertility specialist.  You are not alone in your fertility struggles.  Although you may feel invisible on such a family centered day.  1 in 6 couples are having the same struggle.


Tasha Jennings

Tasha Jennings is a qualified Naturopath with over 15 years experience in clinical practice, product and program development, writing, training and presenting.

Tasha is an expert contributor to major media publications including the Herald Sun and New Idea, Mouth of Mum's, The Bub Hubas well as other parenting magazines, websites and medical journals. She has presented on TV shows including the Kerry Anne Morning Show and David and Kim Morning Show, has been a keynote speaker at the The Pregnancy and Babies Expo as well as running large and small scale presentations and trainings for IVF specialists, nurses and other medical professionals.

Tasha is also author of The Vitamins Guide (2013) and The Fertility Diet (2015)

Tasha is the Managing Director of Zycia, which means ‘life’ and specializes in providing premium nutrition for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. And founded the Conceive Baby website following her own fertility struggles.

Although her proudest achievement, is as Mum to her 2 young children and she is passionate about helping others achieve that same dream.

Learn more about Tasha in her interview on the Mum's the Word podcast

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